Tuesday, December 4, 2012

pictures galore.....and then some!

Okay here it is. Halloween pictures, Sesame Street Live pictures, and some pictures of friends and of course a few others.  It's basically Halloween to now summed up. ENJOY! By the way, be ready. This is A LOT of pictures!!!

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first house of the night!  She said "trick-or-treat" too!


Tinkerbell on a candy mission (by the way she had 2 lollipops total)

These people have elaborately carved pumpkins EVERY year.  This year it just happened to be Nemo, Audrey's FAVORITE movie!

that is Audrey and her boyfriend M! He was Super Elephant (he had a cape) :-)

that is a good group shot of the little ones. They ALL have M names except Audrey of  course!! Right behind Audrey Mer was a fish and the other girl M was a hula girl, specifically Lilo and YES she had a giant stuffed Stitch.

Audrey was simply not in the smiling mood. She was exhausted at the end of the night.

serious close up

love love love

We went to Sesame Street Live with one of Audrey's best friends. The girls were dancing

siting on the steps of 123 Sesame Street

I have no clue what they are looking at!! I am holding Audrey up and M's momma is holding her up!

checking out Murray with papa.  She totally wanted to break through that rope!

This is at the Audubon zoo!  I let Carlo go in the petting zoo and Audrey had to touch EVERY goat!

Carlo, Audrey, and her friend M!  So...cute!

look closely! THAT is giraffes and YES the girls both got to feed them.  Although the tongues TOTALLY freaked Audrey out! It was hysterical!

she can never miss an opportunity to climb stairs!!

taking advantage of the wide open space.

They girls played chase and squealed the whole time.

cheesy grins all around

Audrey wanted to wear papa's jacket.

the puppies cage IS the place to be!!!

This was taken at M's house.  THIS IS one of my VERY favorite pictures!! I rarely catch Audrey's laugh or real smile.

so adorable!! Dancing together!!

clapping together!!

M wanted to pull the wagon!! Too cute!

there HAS to be a sword fight between Captain Hook and Peter Pan

the cutest Tinkerbell EVER!!!

holding hands walking down the street

she told everyone Happy Halloween!

exhausted from walking....for the moment

hugs are the best!

kissing friends goodbye

Audrey LOVES babies.  She loves seeing them, when I hold them, and especially playing with them!! This is B he is an adorable little chunk that joined in for some last minute Halloween fun!


dressed as princesses and pushing an empty stroller (this is at M's house)

helping to bake Christmas gifts. Don't worry it is nothing edible!

she refused to put the mini clarinet ornament on the tree.  It is now permanently hers! Of course, I don't have a problem with it especially with an embouchure like that!! Of course she also hums while "playing"

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