Sunday, December 23, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

So....I have heard of this Elf on the Shelf thing and honestly thought it was utterly creepy. A little doll watching you, did I mention I am CREEPED out by dolls.  This little face was no exception.  I didn't like the idea that this doll watches kids to be sure they aren't naughty. I especially didn't like that.  Well, we had an early Christmas this weekend and lo and behold Audrey gets an elf on the shelf, and guess what??  It's not as creepy as it looks online in pictures.  It doesn't creep my out and more importantly Audrey thinks it's cool to find her in the mornings. Yes, she is a girl with little white earrings.  It's pretty cute.  I am having fun hiding her.  I know as the years go on this Elf will be SUPER mischievous because.....well, that's how Carlo and I are.  We are pranksters to the core. Carlo more so than me, but I have my fair share of ideas.  The one thing we refuse to incorporate is the naughty or nice thing.  I don't like the idea.  I believe all children deserve something for Christmas and don't like the bribery of if you're naughty Santa won't come type of thing.  It just seems wrong in my eyes.  So....for Audrey our elf is here to watch the presents to make sure they aren't opened until Christmas.  She is also here to make sure the stockings stay empty. I foresee some fun tricks with the stockings possibly next year, that is of course if Audrey is still game.  I believe that if Audrey does not want to do something that is voluntary like sitting on Santa's lap, and of course her elf then it's no big deal.  I follow her lead, no need for a scared little girl over something silly.  Tonight her Elf, who will remained unnamed until she is old enough to begin naming her dolls and animals, is chilling in our bowl of ornaments on our dining room table and keeping watch over the stockings.  Tomorrow night she may just have a tea party with a few animal friends!  Is it just me or is it WAY more fun for the adults to do this!?

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