Friday, December 14, 2012

The BEST high five

Today, upon Audrey's request we went to the mall to see "THE MAN" you know the guy in the big red suit who is aptly name Santa.  Well, she was so....very excited.  We left the house later than I had anticipated and arrived closer to 10:30, I thought Santa arrived at 10am and figured we would have a little wait.  We show up and see one person their and the sign is just being moved, score for mama!  She is so excited to see Santa.  She keeps saying "Santa, High Five" which is the real reason we went.  Audrey wanted to high five Santa.  This was all her own thing I had nothing to do with it which makes it even cuter.  So, as the girl in front of us finish up Audrey clings a little more to me and I hear "mama, mama, mama"  I tell her we don't have to sit on Santa's lap if she doesn't want to.  For me, I believe in hearing and listening to my little girls voice.  She has an opinion and I want her to know it matters. If she is not comfortable with something then we won't do it.  I am talking regarding going to sit on a strangers lap to take a picture once a year and things along those lines.  I am not talking about a little girl telling me no to bedtime. Just to clarify.  So, I tell her she can stay in the sling and we will go high five Santa. We walk up and she clings to me more, then he reaches a hand out to her and sure enough she gives him a BIG high five and is so tickled that she did that.  That was it, no picture or sitting on the lap, and it was NO--BIG--DEAL.  She was happy, I was happy, and it was a fun moment I shared with her.  We then we checked out a few department stores to pick out a Christmas dress.  I let Audrey pick from 6 or so and sure enough the one she wanted and the one she picked was by far the cutest! Audrey has incredible fashion sense!!  When papa got home we tried on the dresses for the first time.  She spun in circles and watched it twirl with her. We even danced around with her dress on.   It was a really fun and great day!! 

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