Monday, January 21, 2013

Garlic saves the day....kind of.....

I am certain seeing the title of this post makes you all believe that I am crazy, that is if you don't already think that.  Today we had big plans, grocery shop for ALL birthday supplies and meals for the week and then go bowling this afternoon.  It's not afternoon quite yet, but instead nap time. I am laying beside miss Audrey because she is not feeling well.  Not like cold or flu sick but her right ear hurts.  She woke up this morning pretty fussy.  She is like that after nap normally, just like her papa when he wakes up,but is usually in a good mood in the morning.  She was eating breakfast and kept saying her hair hurt.  I figured she was just itchy so I helped her scratch it only to hear her say "no, head hurts" I tried to see if there was a bump on the back of her head and then I realized she wanted pressure on her ear.  Offhand, I know that mullein flower and garlic oil work great for that sort of thing, but I don't keep mullein on hand and the herb shop is closed on Monday.  So.... I did the next best thing, got my book of herbal remedies, posted a question on Acadiana Natural Parents Facebook page, and did a google search.  Apparently, garlic itself is antibacterial and antiviral.  It was one if those pieces of information that I had read, but completely forgot.  Anyway, so I made, well Carlo did, a batch of garlic oil.  1 clove of garlic minced (let it reast 10 min) while the garlic is resting heat 2 TBLSP olive oil on the stove in a small pot.  Once warm remove oil from the heat and add the minced garlic.  Let it deep for 30 minutes.  Remove garlic and keep the oil.  Put 2-3 drops in both ears 3 x's a day.  So, about 30 or so minutes after putting these drops in her ears, I heard Audrey say "owie all gone". This is great considering her pain was so bad that I did indeed give her 1/2 dose of Tylenol which of course, did nothing.  I also put a warm rice sock on her ear.  A rice sock is exactly what you think it is.  It's a CLEAN sock filled with rice.  It helps ached and pains, sore muscles, a laboring mom, and keeps the foot of the bed warm on cold nights.  I heated the sick for 45 seconds.  Only heat the rice sock for 1 minute at a time .  Hears hoping her ear is better... Get it hears... Haha yeah sometimes I crack myself up!!

on the wood floor after peeing on our bed. (Not a big deal but it soaked through the water proof cover so I had to steam clean it)  She has english muffin in a cup, stuff in her ear, a rice sock on her ear, and Sleeping Beauty in the PS3.

Update: it didn't really work. What really did the trick best was 2 TBLSP olive oil, 3 drops tea tree oil, 1 tsp colloidal silver, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar. That and mullein and garlic oil compound works well, Carlo picked some up when he was out getting groceries, I have an awesome husband! So...there you have it garlic oil had a part in all of these concoctions.  Now I am simply hoping little toot feels better in the morning

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