Saturday, January 12, 2013

the best goodnight

Audrey tonight when she finished nursing.  (I lay by after she has finished nursing until she falls asleep every nap and every night)

[put her arm around me]
Audrey: "give mama hug"
me: "you are so sweet Audrey, mama loves hugs."

[I closed my eyes, to pretend to sleep to encourage her to fall asleep]

two minutes later I get a big kiss on the cheek
Audrey: "I love you mama"
me: "I love you too my sweet angel.  Sleep well little toot"

 [She kissed me 4 or 5 more times after that first kiss before I told her gently that even I loved kisses it was time to go to bed and that when she woke up mama would be there to give her a big hug and kiss.]

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