Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Garden in a Box

I have been waiting for this package, anxiously I might add!  First off, this is called a Garden in a Box and is done by the magnificent Robyn Pope. Check out her website and blog. Her blog has some awesome pictures that are truly inspirational!  I found about this from Ohdeardrea.   Carlo and I have been saying we need to do our yard, but honestly every time we do something it doesn't feel right; it doesn't feel like us.  It's awful, really!  So...this is where the wonderful Robyn Pope comes in.  She designs yards, front and back and will incorporate whatever feel you want with the yard.  We wanted a zen/Japanese theme. I also asked for an area for birds/butterflies, an area to grow veggies and herbs, and an area that would lend itself for a place to put an Audrey sized picnic bench and a place for Carlo and I to eat beside her. that's a pretty tall order if you ask me  When the box came in, I was blown away and so was Carlo.  It's awesome and everything we could hope for.  What's great about this is she designs it and will help you out along the way, I am talking months after this has been send, and will answer any questions you may have but yet YOU do all the planting.  That is to me the best.  I was literally just telling Carlo I wanted to get someone to come out and draw out a design for our yard but yet I wanted for us to do the planting.  Apparently, I must have thought about it hard enough because not even a week later I ran across Drea's post.  That night I contacted Robyn and 2 weeks later our box came in.  We are so....very anxious to get started that we have already started digging for our decomposed granite patio!  No better time than now!!

look how beautiful!!

this is not only another drawing of our yard but includes all of the plants we need to get and a code as to what all of the flowers on the drawing mean

That's right, she prints out photos of the plants and some of them have a how to care for area too.  It was nice to see what the plants would look like!

this includes what specific species for each plant you would need. It was divided into perennials, annuals, etc.  It's something I can bring with me and basically tell the buyer I need this without mangling the pronunciation

and of course, copies of everything just in case a certain little girl might happen to get a hold of any drawing!

TONS of seed packets. These are the veggies

here are herb seed packets

all of the flower seeds

it's the little details that make this truly beautiful. This is what you see when you open the box, the tissue paper was covering it in the first photo

it's a small basket of goodies

two kinds of rocks to pick from, a good luck acorn to hang on a tree, a little buddha to see where he would go best in our yard (he is scaled down so we can test him out on the drawing) and a sachet of lavender I believe. Talk about smelling awesome when you open up the box

the piece de resistance.  OUR DRAWING

another view of the goodies in the basket. By the way that little basket it is a berry basket from the 1950's. How cool is that??

and yet another package!!

decomposed granite and flagstone.  The decomposed granite hardens and would be a lovely add on to our patio! We want to extend and I am loving this very cool idea! The flagstone is for stepping stones we would like around the yard

here's the planting list. Look at all of those

another shot of the box before I tore into it

a meyer lemon tree to add to the yard!

pictures of the plants!


  1. Thank you Heather, very sweet !

  2. absolutely Robyn!! It's all true! I just now wish it would stop raining so we can finish our digging!! :-)

  3. Heather - how did she do it considering she's from Florida, right? Did you send her pics and measurements? I seem to remember she went to Drea's house (I am a big fan of hoers, too) but I didn't realize she would design from a distance!

  4. She is actually in San Francisco! I sent her TONS of pictures, ariel views, views of of the yard from the back of the yard, views of the yard from the house. Up close views of the garden area we already have. We talked on the phone several times. I sent her measurements of the garden area we already have, our current patio area, and I drew a picture of our yard that I scanned and sent to her. I sent her colors we wanted, the feel we wanted, our budget, and lots of other things. This design really fits us perfectly. You should DEFINITELY look into it Yogirl!!