Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring fun: part 1

with the weather warming up we have been, well I have been, dying to get out and not just out of the house into the backyard, but out of our lovely city.  While I do love Lafayette, I am a traveler.  I love to see new and fun things to do in different cities. Its fun to explore our state and surrounding states by taking weekend or day trips.  Now that Audrey can really enjoy the places we are going more and more we have been hitting the road.  Here is what we have been up to the last few weekends

so....a few weekends ago we went to the Lafayette Children's Museum.  This is our first trip there.  While it is on the smaller side, they use up EVERY ounce of space and I mean it!  We spent around 2hrs and we still could have kept playing. The best part though was that it wasn't forced play but simply Audrey having so much fun with everything that she didn't want to leave.  Oh and Carlo and I are just a couple of big kids ourselves.  We played with the bubble station like it was our jobs and the block area as well.  We created some pretty cool Mr. Potato Heads that aren't pictured although my very cool tower IS pictured below.  Anyone visiting or living in Lafayette with a little one, or even big one honestly, go to the Children's Museum!!

this was Carlo's favorite thing.  It was a close second for Audrey for sure!  Popping bubbles was the best part.

sometimes it is the simple things.  This is a small little house that Audrey thought was She stayed in it and went up and down the stair for at least 15 minutes.

cheesy grin!

driving the ambulance and playing with all of the buttons

She really enjoyed these lacing animals.  I would ask her to find the cow or the chicken and showed her how to do it. Look at that intent focus!

pulling it through.

back to the bubbles!

not sure what she is cooking, but every thing went in the microwave! :-)

Audrey and papa pretending to eat.  It looks yummy!

in the cafe.  Audrey cooked up some interesting things, all of which went into the play microwave!  That is a piece of cake going into a cup, just in case you were wondering!

we were news anchors and enjoyed waving to ourselves on the TV screen!

my awesome tower.  It took a little oomph but she knocked it over and got the greatest kick out of that.

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