Friday, March 22, 2013

the food we eat and a new look!

Okay so...since going vegetarian I have been getting VERY creative.  I know you have heard this all before, but I thought I would share some blogs that I have truly fallen in love with.  These are my go to blogs every week when I am planning what to eat.  I plan the entire week on Monday's during Audrey's nap and after lunch we go out  shopping.  When we get back we both cook dinner. Audrey loves to help me chop the veggies, put them in the pot, and stir.  In  any case, here is the list. Go check out these awesome bloggers and be adventurous!

Naturally Ella

Oh Dear Drea

Oh My Veggies

Veggie Num Num

Post Punk Kitchen

Dana Treat

Veggie Belly 
I have yet to try recipes from here but, OMG it's Indian food. Ever since Carlo was in India for 45 days we have had a real LOVE for Indian food!

Oh and right now I have an Ah-MAZING someone working on getting me a cooler new look for my blog which means a few more pages, as in a gluten and dairy free page! (WOOHOO!!!)   So....check out this awesome UK mama blogger, Fritha over here! P.S. she totally inspired me to ombre my hair. I did at 10pm on Wednesday, yeah not the best time. It didn't come out as light as I had hoped, so....I am going a little lighter tonight.  Pictures are coming soon! 

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