Tuesday, July 9, 2013

chalk paint CRAZY!!

Okay, first off big apologizes for being gone for so....long.  We have been really busy around here.  I have officially started my doula certification.  I have been working on my first assignment, although it's been really slow going.  I have been exhausted most nights since Audrey's schedule has changed. Bed time is now between 8pm and 8:30 most nights which leaves Carlo and I with little time.  I have been unbelievably exhausted even thought I have been napping with Audrey.  Did I mention I recently bought about 10 books on parenting! haha yeah NOT kidding! I am almost done with the first.  I think my biggest thing is I have been trying my hardest to figure out resizing my pictures properly so thank you dear readers for once again hanging on.  I really do love y'all and am thankful to have anyone honestly reading! 

This disease or chaos started when I was tired of looking at our 1970's dresser. It was my Uncle Tom's dresser and we wanted to breathe new life into it.  We had been wanting to paint it but painting takes FOREVER so...we put it off....for two years!  I can't remember now how on earth I ran across chalk paint but I did. Sure they have "The chalk paint" by Annie Sloan but that stuff is expensive and we have no retailers here in Lafayette. If you don't know by now I am one stubborn and determined woman. When I have my mind set on doing something it WILL be one and it will be that day! Lucky me I ran across tons of websites on chalk paint and furniture and how to make your own.  So, we gave it a shot.  Here's the recipe we used and we love it.

1c. paint (we like eggshell)
2 TBLSP unsanded grout (you can find this at Lowes and Home Depot)

Take the unsanded grout and make a slurry with a little water (like 1 TBLSP) then mix into paint.  Be ready to start painting then because this stuff thickens up quick and dries in about 20 min. maybe depending on the look you are going for.  Here are our results

You see the dresser for our bedroom, chairs for our patio, and Audrey's brand new BIG girl bunk bed (she picked it herself!) Of course, the bed isn't painted because well...then I couldn't do a big post on it now could I?? :-)

mama's artist
I love that she can help and there are no real worries. The sloppier the better with chalk paint!

Audrey and I had a blast painting together

Peggy thought she would help!

finished dresser


bright sunny yellow! Nothing scary here!

done being painted and ready for our patio!

all set and ready to paint her bunk bed!!

more bunk bed boards!!

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