Saturday, November 2, 2013

blogs with wonderful toddler activities

Alright dear readers. There are more pictures of the fun activities we have been up to below.  This time I figured I would also tell you the blogs that I have been loving as of late and getting ALL of these activities from.  You can find the activites below on the following blogs, just check my pinterest!!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil'Divas

I Heart Crafty Things

Reading Confetti

Chasing Cheerios (although Melissa's posts have slowed down she still has all of her amazing ideas if you just search! It was here that I first got the idea to do a letter a week with Audrey last year)

Please check out my pinterest boards. I have one just for fall/Halloween as well as one with just Montessori activities. I also have baby/toddler things as well.

On another note, here are my fav. food blogs, they change from time to time and I discover new ones nearly every other week!

Naturally Ella
Oh my Veggies   (if you check out Kristens What I ate you can find links to TONS of other amazing blogs!! That how I discovered Naturally Ella AND Smitten Kitchen)
Smitten Kitchen 

this is a monster blot. I let Audrey pick the paint and she even drew the mouth. I helped her out and we cut it together. She also picked where she wanted the eyes

 another fun and simple craft. Those circles are simply a toilet paper roll dipped in paint and put onto a pumpkin I cut.  Audrey helped cut out the mouth and the eyes.  I curled the pipe cleaner. 

I think this was Audrey's FAVORITE Halloween activity.  I traced my hand and cut out some triangle shapes.  I put some red lentils, brown lentils, and large lima beans in different bowls.  She put where she wanted them and I hot glued them. She LOVES this monster hand

this one was pretty messy but Audrey had fun and honestly that's really what matters.  This activity called for sand but in lie of some I used sugar and colored it purple, orange, green, and black. (Halloween colors!)  I let Audrey paint what she wanted. She wanted a spider web so here is it Audrey's spider web.  After she painted it we dipped it in a bucket of sugar and voila.

Every morning Audrey and I go for a walk and on the walk we pick up 2 acorns, a Camelia bud, and 2 pecans.  We used the bud and acorns to paint this leaf I cut out.  She wasn't crazy that her hands got dirty but had enough fun for us to make 3 different leaves!

In case you were curious about Halloween and what was going on.  I made this Rapunzel wig.  This costume is bought but I have pictures of the one I made for Audrey.

Here is the front of the wig.  You can tell my little Rapunzel was thrilled with it.   Too bad she wouldn't wear it more than 10 min. on Halloween (it rained and so we had a party with her friends inside) and that Peggy and Eli destroyed part of it leaving me to take 3hrs to fix it! Oh well, she does occasionally put it on so it's not all is lost and I am pretty damn proud of it!!

Audrey really had fun making this.  These are the backs of 2 paper plates that she painted, it's purple of course! I let you paint the glitter as well and put where she wanted the eyes and the beak while I glued with hot glue since it wasn't sticking!   

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