Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All things Fall

When school started I was still not feeling 100% myself so I held off on starting "school" with Audrey.  Now that I am feeling better we are trucking right along.  Most days we do 2 activities.  On busy days, like Tuesday and sometimes Friday we usually can just get one in.  The last 2 weeks was A is for Apple.  This week is F is for Fall. The activities are really similar since apples are fall so I carried a few apple activities over into this week.  The way I plan the activities is I sit down Monday morning with Audrey and figure out which activities to do what day for the week so I have a lesson plan all ready.  We go get supplies as needed; this week silk leaves and salt are musts.   Along with the activities we talk about how the activity relates to the word of the week.  We talk about it, get books from the library, and even watch videos on YouTube. For example, we watched a video that showed the leaves turning colors since that doesn't really happen here in SW Louisiana.  Enjoy and take advantage of these fun fall activities with your little ones.

There are two separate activities. Audrey LOVES anything having to do with art. These are fun and simple. The top one is Coffee Filter Apples and the bottom is Tissue Paper Leaves 

helping to stir up the rice krispies.

this is a REALLY simple fall wreath I made.  Just type in burlap fall wreath with wire coat hanger and you will get TONS of hits.  This is just one version I made.'s the after of our front porch we made.  Check out the white monogrammed pumpkin! That was another really easy craft! Here is the tutorial. I pretty much followed it except I drew the letter B and then filled it in.

Here is the before picture of our patio.  We had a few plants there too.  It was just an awkward space!!

here are the ingredients to make gluten free and vegetarian rice krispies.  These marshmallows really do melt like regular ones and they taste AMAZING!

I REALLY liked this craft. Not that Audrey didn't but I loved the smells. I changed a few things. We don't have coffee in the house, I know right, so I used short brown rice and put cinnamon on it and shook it in a ziplock bag.  I decided to scent the oatmeal with vanilla.  This acorn smelled incredible for about a week or so throughout our entire house!

this was easy. We went around collecting a bag full of leaves around the neighborhood and then put them on contact paper and put them in the window.  SO....simple yet so...pretty.  Careful not to have too many brown leaves they tend to not want to stick so well.

I wish I could find this tutorial again for y'all. The important part are the leaves.  It's coffee filters painted with water colors. Have your little one use LOTS of water with the colors so it has that tie-dyeish leaf look.  I wish the colors would have come out better in these picture because they really are brilliant.  Once the coffee filters are dry, we used 3, stack them and cut them in leaf shapes.  I drew and cut out a tree and let Audrey put the leaves up herself.

here is the view of the tree from inside

this is what happened to the leftover rice and oatmeal from our acorn craft. It went into a sensory bin and Audrey played with it for about 30-40 minutes.

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