Friday, September 13, 2013

a BIG announcement

Alas,  here I am again after I have been MIA.  I have a better reason than normal this time, not to say that any reason is a good one, but this one is better.  I am VERY happy to announce that I am PREGNANT!!!  I am estimated to be due around March 21, 2014!  :-)   To say that Audrey is thrilled is a big understatement.  She kisses my belly and coos "baby" at least 3+ times every day.  We have talked about how baby will drink nuni (her word for breastmilk) and she always says they will share.  Audrey's nanny has a 7 week old little boy so she has been helping change diapers and sees first hand that he eats nearly the whole time he is at our house, which is around 4 1/2 hours 2 days a week.  She also gets to hold him which she LOVES!!!   So....let's go back to the whole I haven't been blogging because I am pregnant.  I say that since I have not had the easiest pregnancy in the least bit.  When I was pregnant with Audrey I felt great, had no problems, other than a few random food aversions that went away at 12 weeks.  This go round, I have been nauseous since at least 4 weeks and need to eat every 2 hours or I feel sick. 2 months of nearly all day nausea is AWFUL!  The worst was just simply not being able to be the mom I wanted/needed to be for Audrey.  A lot of days were just me on the sofa, which folds out into a bed and playing with her from there. tossing the ball while propped up on the pillows, stacking blocks, watching her ride her bike.  It was really tough to feel like I was not fully there for my little girl. Regarding food, Meat is DISGUSTING!!!!  I know this shouldn't be a problem since I am vegetarian right, but it is a problem because my body was and is craving/needing/wanting more protein.  So....I am going with what my body needs now and do have seafood occasionally.  Sushi is my favorite!!! Fish and shrimp aren't bad.  Of course, some nights it all sounds gross.  Cooking was almost a thing of the past because it happened so very rarely, as did grocery shopping. Carlo would do the shopping and food was take out.  I did a lot of salads, or Indian food, or sushi.  Even pasta is's a texture thing.  Even now with FINALLY getting back into cooking this week going past the meat section is like OMG awful and so is the seafood section. I got flounder the other night with every intention of cooking and and well.. I got so grossed out just by it being in the fridge that I couldn't bring myself to cook it.  Carlo had to..The cooking thing killed me because I love cooking and so does Audrey, but it was just not something I can bring myself to do often. I can't tell you how nice it has been to cook this week with Audrey!  We made a wonderful strawberry cake and dinner EVERY night!  Regarding drinks: Water is not awesome.  I mean if I put lemon juice and LOADS of ice it's good but if it's not freezing cold water, it is just not going to be drank by me.  Oh and I usually have to eat at like 10:30PM.  SERIOUSLY!!! 10:30PM or later most nights you can find me angrily eating 2 pieces of Udi's raisin bread or some form of carbs.  I would rather be sleeping than eating, but I know I have to eat.  Oh and the whole eating every 2 hours usually involves a lara protein bar, it has 12g of protein.  I am really sick of them despite all of the flavors.  I just started to drink RAW protein shakes Carlo drinks (they are all organic and have chia and all of this good stuff in them) and they are not only really good but I add a banana and feel full for quite a while!  This week was the first week I felt a sense of normalcy.  I am back to walking in the mornings with Audrey and 1 puppy.  Audrey hops in the Burley (we have the jogging stroller attachment) with a stuffed animal she picks out that morning.  Along the way she asks me to pick up flower buds and leaves that she sees and I trade out puppies each day so I get special one on one time with each of them.  I am only walking/jogging 2 miles but will get back to my 3 miles. I am planning on doing a 5k sometime in October.  I think it will keep me accountable for keeping up my exercising.  As far as crossfit moms, which I LOVE, I am backing off. I have been advised to NOT do squats from my midwife and for good reasons.  I will go into that in a later post.  Now it's time for me to totally brag about my AMAZING husband here.  He just did his 5th triathlon!!!!  As if that is not enough, he placed 41 out of 350!!!!!!! He is a beast! I can't believe this is the same person after the tough first part of the year we had

              I feel as thought I need to explain why I don't have photos of Audrey lately either.  Truth is we have been using our Polaroid!!  I have TONS of pictures of her being her silly sweet self from twirling in her Rapunzel dress, to putting on her Rapunzel wig I made her (that's another post) to hopping in the dryer while we were loading it with clothes together!  Hopefully I will have it in me sometime before the end of the year to scan these photos and post.  There is something so nostalgic about Polaroids for me.  My nana ALWAYS had her Polaroid ready and was constantly snapping shots of me and writing and labeling them.  I remember the sound so clearly of the camera taking the photo and anxiously waiting to see the picture.  It's really fun to see Audrey have that same excitement waiting to see the picture.

          With ALL of this said, I will be back and much sooner than like 2 months. There is SO....much going on.  Halloween is coming up, you all Know my crazy obsession with making the costumes from scratch!  Audrey will be "training" for her first triathlon (this was ALL her doing; she tells me everyday she is doing a triathlon and rides and runs, this is a 3-4 age group and will be next year.  I have to update you on my birth plan and my plan for work. Oh and the fact that I got a new car and that we are doing some MAJOR work in our kitchen!!  Thank you for sticking with me dear readers I will do my best to be better at posting because I love you all dearly and appreciate y'all!

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