Sunday, July 21, 2013

breastfeeding in public is ___________.

So many of us moms who breastfeed/extended breastfeed get slack for it.  We don't hear many positives about breastfeeding in public and many are downright scared or ashamed to do so.  I have a positive story that just warmed my heart and made me smile from ear to ear.  If only everyone could be like this.

A friend of mine was visiting Louisiana and was breastfeeding in public at Fountainbleu State Park when a lady walked up to her and thanked her for breastfeeding in public. The same lady came back and handed my friend this card.  This was my friend's first time "openly" breastfeeding.  If only every mom could get responses and support like this.

While on this subject, I feel I should mention I still breastfeed Audrey at 2 1/2 and am not ashamed to do so in public either.  I did it on the airplane ride up to Michigan and back and did so while on Mackinac Island during the day. We were riding bikes and Audrey fell asleep.  She woke up and said nuni so I said okay.  I don't have many pictures of breastfeeding, but I thought it was a beautiful moment. Breastfeeding in public is normal and natural and nothing to be scared or ashamed of.  I wish more new mama's knew that. 

What do you think of these necklaces??? Aren't they stunning???  I love them. These are two necklaces that I have been debating about since I ran across this Etsy shop (please check out her blog as well) by accident.

What would you say if I told you the white stars on both are breastmilk.  Yes, real breastmilk, no fillers, no nothing, just breastmilk.  The name under it is the little one whose milk it is.  I find this to be gorgeous and a stunning way to remember breastfeeding.  I know for some moms breastfeeding is tough and doesn't come easy but they fight through it and love it. What a way to remember the fight!   For me, breastfeeding came very easy and yet I am still getting one.  I want one because I want to remember that my daughter breastfed at least until 2 1/2 years old.  This is her milk and her name. I would proudly wear this and when Carlo saw these he said he was going to have one made for me.

What do y'all think about public breastfeeding and these necklaces?? 

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  1. Heather - thanks for a great post. I think public breastfeeding is absolutely fine and I have to agree that being in Louisiana (the southeast portion, specifically) I never felt too self conscious when I breastfed in public. I have a great story where I was on a flight and my son needed to nurse and its so uncomfortable and hot and he was at the age where he wouldn't tolerate a cover anyway, so I just nursed him. I noticed a flight attendant kinda staring at me, so I braced myself thinking I was going to hear how inappropriate this was. She came right up to me and said, "Thank you so much for breastfeeding. I wish my job was more flexible because I struggled when I had kids and didn't get to breastfeed as along as I wanted." She asked about how old my son was (I think he was more than 1.5 years at the time) and she just said how wonderful it was. Absolutely warmed my heart. Based on so many negative stories, I am sure I must have offended someone in my nearly 2 years of breastfeeding, but if I did, they kept it to themselves. I never once got told by a stranger (I did a couple times by my husband's family) that what I was doing was inappropriate. It was really great and although I don't totally miss it yet (it was pretty physically exhausting), I know I will look back and love the time we spent together.