Monday, July 15, 2013

big girl room

This has been something Carlo and I talked about for a while. We originally were looking at a cool daybed from World Market. (almost all of our furniture is from there!!) but this bed never went on sale. So....we took it as simply not meant to be.  I know most kids at 2 1/2 are just getting into a toddler bed but Audrey's bed has been on the floor since she was 12 months.  She never really slept in her crib and I feel it was the worst decision to buy one. I wish I would have gone with a baby hammock.  So, one Sunday we decided to go look for beds at Rooms To Go for Kids. Although we got some good ideas, everything looked really cheaply made and we weren't getting anything from there.  We did find out thought that Audrey loved the princess daybeds, no surprise there, and bunk beds, again no surprise since she loves climbing.  We went to one more store and Audrey was dead set on this ugly brown bunk bed.  It was a full on the bottom and full on the top.  She even picked the boy bunk bed over the princess daybed.  I thought great what am I going to do with that, very selfishly I might add, and wished for something else until Carlo said you can paint it.  A lightbulb went off and I said OMG I can chalk paint it! See, I told you it was a disease.  Anyway, I asked Audrey what color and she said purple.  We bought the bed on the spot and Carlo picked it up Monday.  Audrey and I painted and waxed it Tuesday, Carlo picked out mattresses Wednesday and after all day Saturday modifying the top bunk to make it safe it was ready to be slept in by Sunday.  The process took a week and I wouldn't change a thing! She loves it and so do we.  Audrey and I have since painted that yellow table a dark purple, that matches the dark purple polka dots on her bedspread. Here is what her room was before, then I have the after pictures.

I will always have a soft spot for the way things were.  I remember my little Audrey in this room.  my little 15 month old baby.  She was just the perfect size.  I worry if I am making her grow up too quickly or if just putting a twin mattress on the floor would have been better but I know she loves her new room and we do too.  Sometimes the nostalgia of these pictures gets me.
I love that "A" it always makes me smile!

her dress up basket.

dress up area and toy chest

stuff animal bin and reading nook a la Montessori.  She loves the lantern the most.

dresser with changing pad on it still although it's been roughly 4 months since touching a diaper and mind you that was only at night. 

I can't tell you how many times I would wake up and nurse Audrey in the peace and quiet of her own room when she was little.  I love this chair. Excuse the outfit on it.  Audrey told me the night before what she wanted to wear and I promise to lay it out so I wouldn't forget! lol

my favorite part.  Yes, it's  a little messy with blankets but I love it. That Peter Rabbit was in my brother's nursery and that awesome canopy is something Carlo brought back from India

The NEW room
we moved the chair to a different corner and got rid of the reading nook.

excuse the white on the walls! That is what happens when you don't use command hooks for pictures and instead use heavy duty velcro! word to the wise: Don't do it!!

the table is now purple, I will post a picture soon.  It looks much better.

new curtains.  We put these teal ones over her brown ones so it' basically is like a black out effect.  We moved her toy chest as well. and got a wireless speaker for her rain.

sneak peek

voila!!! There it is the purple princess bed!  Excuse snoopy's ears hanging over the bed! lol  Carlo modified the hell out of this thing to make it safe.  He put the rail near the wall on the bottom, added wood around the head area on the bottom as well.  He made that rail on the top from scratch. It goes ALL the way around and is absurdly sturdy. I am thankful for my handy husband who pulls off my ideas to make this the safest bunk bed ever!

closer look at that homemade railing!

Audrey picked her comforter.  We held up different ones but this one got the best response ever.  She gasped and said "That's mine!!"  Aren't the lanterns fun??!! 

this is where her floor bed used to be.  We moved her dresser there, got rid of the changing pad and I rearranged her butterflies on her wall. I just realized that her little rug didn't move a whole lot.  Probably the only thing that didn't move much.
new butterfly arrangement. They are glow in the dark butterflies.

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