Friday, December 30, 2011

Update on a little bit o' everything

Hey readers! I haven't forgotten about y'all. With all the holidays and our own craziness it has been the fastest December EVER. I will do my best to update y'all on what has been up. I think I last told y'all about Audrey and her fever. Well, that was not the worst of it. The worst was fever of 103.8 and us calling the pediatricians number at 9pm, we had been wanting to switch from him, (more on that later) We were told to give her Tylenol. (that is a whole other post...when a natural mom can't be natural) Her fever broke and she then got a rash. I looked inDr.Sears the baby book and said it was Roseolla, I was right. Plus, we have a new pediatrician who is totally cool with our vaccination plan. He says as long as it's an educated decision he supports it! That made one VERY happy mama right here! In any case, Carlo got sick, still is. It's not like fever or cold sock but somewhat Crohns related well remotely related. It involves a lot of pain, or did, a trip to 3 doctors some antibiotics and taking it easy. He can't do a lot or sit for long but he has a tough time just hanging out. I wind up fussing at him to rest and let me do it. That never seems to work.. Good news is he is doing better. Christmas was crazy, due to Carlo plans were changed and my family came here. It was a nice day and meal. Also, Audrey took her first steps!!!!! It was the best Christmas present!! She isn't off and going yet but is definitkey testing her limits each day. Today, she took 10 steps.
Right noe Audrey has a stuffy nose again. Arch!! Thus crazy weathr with the hot then cold. Keep it cold for now pleaaase. She never wanted to go back in her crib since she was last sick, that includes naps too. Oh, and she insists on sleeping on my pillow. I have no complaint except she won't nap long on her crib even with my pillow. Well, tonight Carlo suggest putting her in her little lamb chair. Ya know the one she slept in from birth to 3 months? Well, she is in it right now and sleeping better than she has in weeks; it is in her crib. (her crib is in out room) With that being said I need to go to sleep. I always have a hard time going to sleep without Carlo...(he has to sleep on the sofa) good night readers. Happy New Years Eve

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