Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas 3 weeks late!!!

Hey guys!!'s going to be CRAZY around here the next week.  Ya know getting ready for the big birthday party for Audrey and all!! I can't believe it has been a year already.  I swear she just turned 5 months and the month before that she was born! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!???  Time flies even more with a little one. You blink and you miss a couple months.  Anyway, with the craziness I am now playing for someone's masters recital and trying to finish up Audrey party stuff since I am making my own stuff. The point of this post is simply asking that you, dear readers, bare with me until after Audrey's party.  The posts may be few and far in between.  I will tell you that this weekend we got so...much stuff done. We built Audrey's birthday present from us, a swing set!!!! She LOVES it! She loves swinging and sliding and being outside with the puppies.  This is all good stuff.  I suppose I should leave you with those Christmas pictures I promised FOREVER ago. So....without ANY further ado. Christmas 3 weeks late! lol

after the day was done Audrey enjoyed tub time

"hi" seriously she was saying hi and waving

she's going to get you!!

one of my favorite photos EVER!! I LOVE her smile

Merry Christmas!! I just cut my hair like a few days ago.

Audrey's pink elephant chair from grandpa. She LOVES it!!

"is this what I do??"

her riding dino from Nonna. Another favorite

GEAUX AUDREY GEAUX! (yup we are LSU fans even if we lost miserably)

look are her walking!!

in her Christmas dress with her buddy Eli, our border collie!

casually eating with my family at our house Christmas day

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