Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what not to change

so....while perusing my normal favorite blogs.  One of them,, posted a great thing. Write out 5 things that you DO NOT want to change about yourself.  so....with the spirit of change and a new year, I dare you to make your list of thing you don't want to change. :-)  Here's mine.

1. My hair and my eye color.  So, I know it's two things, but the combination of the two allow me to be able to pull of just about any color and cut.  I am naturally a brunette but have successfully pulled off dirty blonde, red, dark dark brown, and dark brown.  I have thin hair but a lot of it and I can wear my hair curly, that's how it is naturally, or straight, long past my shoulders, or super short in a pixie.

2. My ability to play music.  I love music it is my life.  I have two degrees in music and to this day when I want to de-stress I either play clarinet (Copland Concerto or Debussy after warm ups) or put on some Frank Sinatra, I LOVE Frank, or Dave Matthews.  I put them on and everything is better.

3.  My craftiness/creativeness.  I am all about homemade stuff seriously.  As we speak  I have a 3-d birthday banner in front of me that I am working on for Audrey's party. I have used tons of different methods to get everything perfect including a protractor! Seriously, I haven't used one of those since well forever honestly!

4. My desire to help others.  Whether it's donating food/clothes/to rescue organizations or letting in a person who has been sitting in traffic forever, I know it's simple things, but I feel as though I am making a difference.  I honestly long to help out others.

5. I am a ridiculously organized person.  Nearly everyday I look for ways to  be more organized and de-clutter.

WOW that seriously took some thought.  There are so many things I want to change that come to mind.

Also, here is my picture that i don't analyze or critique of myself. I actually have two.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them both!

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