Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear 11 month old, 1 month late!!!!!!

Hey readers,

     Long time no post! It has been crazy!!  I have been busy with clarinet gigs.  I am currently working with a clarinet section at a somewhat local high school on Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays. Of course, I still have my lessons, and I am playing for a friends masters recital for conducting. I am loving all of the playing and teaching, but I am more busy than I have been in quite some time.  In any case, so much has happened but the biggest thing is that Audrey turned 1!!!! It's crazy I know.  I can't believe my sweet little girl is one.  I know I didn't post my dear Audrey for 11 months ( I actually wrote it in the notes on my itouch  when you turned 11 months but have yet to type it and post it on my blog) but I am doing that NOW. (yes it's over a month behind but better now than never)  Beware this WILL be long. I am also going to include some awesome pictures of Audrey throughout this year.  Thanks for hanging in there while I have been MIA. Y'all are AMAZING!    Stay tuned because tomorrow my Dear 1 year old Audrey will be posted!

                     Dear my sweet 11 month old, you have done SO.......much this past month.

For starters you know have 14 teeth!! SERIOUSLY!!! You have 3 molars and 2 canines that are coming through all at once.  Teething has been rough this go round.  Amber helps, but the nights are difficult.  I am hoping these teeth come in soon so you feel better.

You now blow and give kisses.  You think giving kisses is blowing kisses. So, for a kiss on the cheek we ask you to give us a kiss and point to our cheek.  Sometimes you give us a kiss on the cheek other times you just blow us one. Either way it melts us both completely.

You now know where the puppies are and try to say Eleanor! Eli is still something you haven't attempted to say.

You also know where your duck is. You point to it and say duck. You also know what your baby is (your glow worm)

You said Nonna on Christmas Eve!! Nonna was thrilled of course

You occasionally want to feed yourself with a spoon and do a pretty good job.  Of course, you like the spoon upside down in your mouth but you get the idea and the food most of the time!

You moo for the cow, bark for the puppy, quack for the duck.

You know where noses and mouths are

You haven't learned any new signs but are working on it.  I am hoping for nooni and more.

List of words you say: mama, papa, nonna, hi, hot, duck, bye bye, mum mum (your favorite snack)

You took your first steps on Christmas Day!! It was the best present EVER!!!

You wave and say hi to EVERYONE! You get confused when people don't wave or say hi back

You LOVE where's Audrey and you hide behind a towel

This month you also got sick. You had rubella and had a 103.8 fever. Talk about scary. It was awful.  I had to give you tylenol for the first time :-(

I also had to give you benadryl for the first time too because a humidifier with eucalyptus didn't work, and neither did elderberry AND syringing your nose AND putting saline spray up your nose (which you LOVE, no really, you do! it's pretty amusing)     My poor baby, well it passed fairly quickly so that made me happy.

Below is Audrey through her first year.  Every month we took a picture of her with papa bear.  That was Carlo's stuffed animal.  He was a gift to his mom, Nonna, before he was born.  Papa bear has been with me when Carlo was back and forth every 2 weeks between Lafayette and Albuquerque.  I hug him when Carlo is out of town.  He is Audrey's FAVORITE stuffed animal.  It made sense to have a way to see how fast Audrey grows.  ENJOY!  

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