Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Memory Lane, wordy Wednesday

 So... I realize a lot of people do this wordless Wednesday thing, but I am changing that to wordy Wednesday, OK.
  I was going through pictures on facebook and took a walk down memory lane.  I have had some incredible times with some AMAZING friends.  Of course, I miss these people like crazy because none of them are here! :-(  They are scattered all over the country.  Some are in Texas, being super heroes and getting their doctorates, they went from bachelor's degree to masters degree to doctorate. WOW seriously!!!  A couple of them are in Michigan. One is being amazing and working for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. The other one is working with felons all day (as she likes to say!) She is a parole officer.  Anyway, these are some of the fantastic people I know and love who have helped to make me who I am.  Of  course, some of these pictures are just of me being.... well..... me.  This is a silly me y'all don't see in photo's I usually post.  This is still who I am it's just today I am a more grown up me, at least some days.  These pictures bring back so many fun and amazing times.  Now, that's not to say my life isn't fun or amazing, it's just different.  It is just that I can't just pick up and be like lets road trip to this clarinet conference at Oklahoma University.  I can't just go to a playground at 9 or 10pm on a whim and do a "claricourse" with crazy hair, and run an obstacle course against my friend to see who gets to play first part on a piece that we never even played for our half recital for our master's degree anyway! loooong run on sentence Random trips to the top of the Sandia mountains with Carlo and a spur of the moment birthday gifts to a Dave Matthews concert have gone by the wayside.  Those are things that now require planning and prepping.  Yes, I miss that part of our life a lot, the spontaneousness (is that even a word!!??)  I miss my friends terribly, but I love my life and where I am in it. I wouldn't change a thing, except maybe to live in Albuquerque again.  I just wanted to show y'all more of who I am and my amazing friends and all  So....ENJOY!!  these pictures are in complete random order and I should mention that A LOT of my college pictures, my favorite one actually, are NOT on facebook, that's a whole lot of amazing memories as well.
 Top picture is apple orchard picking on a Sunday in Michigan, fall 2007

Bottom picture: At a concert in Bergamo, Italy!! summer 2010 (I was technically pregnant with Audrey at this time but didn't realize it until a few days after being there...that's another story)

Heather the Who, ready to tackle the Claricourse!! fall 2009

At my friend's wedding in Michigan! summer 2010 (this was right before I went to Italy, like days before oh and did I mention we had just moved in a house days before I stood in my friend's wedding, it was CRAZY!!)

Meeting Pete Fountain!! spring 2007

On our way from Louisiana to Albuquerque we made a stop in Texas to see friends.  We wound up drinking and singing RENT till 3 or 5am. fall 2009  This is one of my all time favorite memories

At a Yankee game in Yankee Stadium, spring 2007

Our first year at Balloon Fiesta, in fall 2008.  It was AMAZING! I made Carlo PROMISE we would bring Audrey when she was 3 years old and numerous times after that!!
My real 'bump it' on the right, my friend's version of the bump it on the left (OU Clarinet Conference, Summer 2009)

'Bump it Banana + Oklahoma heat in the summer = black banana! summer 2009

after we played at CBDNA  spring 2010

This is like a crazy back to school picture! I just LOVE IT! Our friend said to  just pose and this is what we all picked! lol (OU clarinet conference, summer 2009)

We got awesome bouquets at our last clarinet marathon.  Mine was all feathers.  My friend's was ribbon flowers  (mine hangs on the wall in my studio today) spring 2010

Our last time going out with all our clarinet friend's at UNM.  I promised them I would wear my feathered fascinator spring 2010

WOOHOO!! Clarinet Conference summer 2009

I did a pageant WAY back. This was backstage at Lady of the Bracelet! fall 2004 or 2005

me and the pups. They went everywhere with us b/c Albuquerque was friendly and the weather was amazing. spring 2010

playing on tour...I think...

The sexy Who's ready to conquer the Claricourse fall 2008

Shrek and Fiona, Halloween 2008. Still one of my favorite costumes

Sooner Swirls in Oklahoma after a day of recitals and master classes. summer 2009

We got locked in the practice room right before our first audition at UNM  fall 2008

a day at the zoo for a friend's birthday! summer 2009

ITALY!!! summer 2010

The Trifecta. Even though we are separated; we are powerful! This is another favorite night!! summer 2008

We got on the wrong train in Italy not once, but twice...this was us after the first time! summer 2010

yeah for Tom Martin recital, summer 2009
this was us in college in marching band. YUP that pretty much sums up Carlo and I. This was before we were married! fall 2006

 This was after LSU won the National Championship in 2007.  It's amazing we are still standing after all the shots we took! lol


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