Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy 14 months

First things first, Just a quick reminder to go check out green your air to get your Earth Day discount.  It's 20% off when you type in EARTHDAY at the checkout.  I ordered the mini fortis trio in creme with the white flower as well as the individual mini florere with the white flower pot as well.  I can't WAIT to get it! SERIOUSLY, I LOVE PLANTS!!  

Alright Alright I am late, by nearly a month!!!! Oooops!  Well, it has been crazy around here. Be watching for a new Dear Audrey post soon!! lol

Dear my sweet 14 month old, 

            These past 2 months you have grown so much!!  You understand everything I say or ask and attempt new words right away.  You just LOVE books.  We have 15 or so, but I don’t think it’s enough for you.  You want me to read books over and over and over and you absorb all the information. Just from your books, not me telling you, you have learned that a kitty goes “meow” where your belly is, and you point out sunglasses and say “Holly” meaning Hollywood, since that is what we say to you when you have your sunglasses on.  I can’t even tell you how much you have learned from me reading you your books.  You know t-shirt, star, shell, how the seal goes, what a laugh is, etc… You now know who you are!!  When you see a picture of yourself or you see yourself in your mirror, you say “Audrey” of course it’s more like Audwey, which is WAY cuter.  You love running errands with me and yes I still wear you in the sling or in your Baby Hawk Mei Tai.  You love them both!  I actually let you choose which one you want to be in since you always have a definite answer.  It has definitely been tough with papa gone this last month, you miss him like crazy.  Every cell phone is papa, every computer is papa.  You even have a book that Papa recorded, and we read it nearly every night.  At the end of the book we close it and kiss it.  I tell you to say night night papa, but you have never done it, UNTIL a week ago. The whole time we read you said “nigh nigh papa” it was by far the most adorable thing ever.  Of course, I think everything you do is adorable.   

You now tell me what you want to eat.  If in doubt, you go to your back up, tamale! Lol they are spinach and cheese and you LOVE them! It certainly makes your massive 5 course breakfasts easier.  Breakfast is your favorite meal, we usually have 2 pieces toast, fruit (strawberries, banana, blueberries, and pineapples) grits, and eggs (you like the egg whites off of my over medium eggs)   Of course, your toast must be browned throughout and the egg whites can’t be over cooked! You must be a chef in training!  Sitting through entire meals is just not happening anymore.  You eat a good portion sitting then ask for down and when I ask if you are all done you say no.  I explain that you need to sit and finish eating please but you refuse to eat and try to get out.  

 Naps are easy. You get your “nuni” and crash.  Of course if nuni doesn’t put you to sleep I ask you to put your head on the pillow and tell you that it’s time to go night night.  You usually talk a little bit but eventually go to sleep.  It’s not quick by ANY means, but that’s okay. I would rather you go to sleep peacefully and take 40 or so min. than cry it out. (we have never and will never do that)    You know that everyone, every animal, and every thing has a name.  You can now say Eleanor and Eli (“Eeei”)   

 Although you and the vacuum have had a love hate relationship due to a change in our vacuum, you still help me Out by dusting and sweeping.  There is something about that broom you just love.  I WILL be getting you one of those very soon!!   I believe that’s all for now! WOW that’s a lot.  I love you my sweet little BB, you are too adorable for words even when you’re cranky and tired you can’t help but make me smile.

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